Solo Instrument


Jalama for solo flute, 2020        
Three Cheers for viola d’amore, 2019 mp3 to be downloaded      
 Songbook Miniatures for piano, 2017      
 Six Piano Pieces, 2017        
Companions for piano four hands, 2012 mp3 to be downloaded    
Reckoning, for solo clarinet, 2012        
Seven Preludes for piano, 2005      
Refuge, for solo violin, 2005      
Monoliths, for piano, 2004 mp3 to be downloaded      
Moonwalk, for marimba, 2004        
Three Rhythmic Studies, for piano, 2002        
Ponderosa, for solo cello, 1999       programnotes
Twelve Piano Pieces, 1996 mp3 to be downloaded      
Diversion, for solo flute, 1995        
Prelude to Our American Cousin, for organ, 1995        
Polygraph, for solo viola, 1995     programnotes
Slow Six, for piano, 1991      
Impromptu for piano and live electronics, 1991
Tones and Flights for piano solo, 1991
Homage for piano solo, 1988
Three Harmonic Preludes for piano, 1988
Sonata for piano, 1985        
Song for solo clarinet, 1984        
Three Pieces for piano, 1984