Chamber Music old

Chamber Music


Quintet for horn and strings, 2020
String Quartet #5, 2020
Double Entendre for violin and piano, 2018
Young Inklings, violin and piano, 2018
Genial Giant, trombone and piano, 2017
Games for Three, flute, alto saxophone piano, 2016
Depth Charge for cello and bass, 2015
Good Company for cello and piano, 2015
September Bells for violin and percussion, 2015
Masquerade  for viola and percussion, 2014
Galaxies for four violins with dancer, 2013
Rail Time  for alto saxophone and horn, 2013
Excursions for flute, clarinet, cello and piano, 2010
Step Lively for clarinet and piano, 2010
Not So, Alone for two clarinets, 2009
Earthly Store for soprano, flute, cello and piano, 2009
Two Duos for violins, 2009
Fundamentals for baritone saxophone and double bass, 2008
The Mountain Echo for soprano, piano, and string sextet, 2008
Piano Trio: Lincoln’s Two Americas, 2007
Gemini for two violas, 2007
Unfortunate Events for young violinist and pianist, 2007
Juggernaut for seven instruments, 2005
Roundabout for violin and marimba, 2004
String Quartet #4, 2003
Dialogue for oboe and piano, 2003
Five Bagatelles for cello and piano, 2002 mp3 to be downloaded  mov. 3 (Hekun Wu,cello, Elise Yun,piano
Chaconne for wind quintet, 2001
Under the Sudden Blue (textby Sylvia Townsend Warner) for contralto or mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe,clarinet, horn, harp, violin and cello, 2001
Mountain Music for string trio, 2001
String Quartet #3, 2000 – 2002 mp3 to be downloaded mov. 1 (Lighthouse Chamber Players
Fanfare for brass quintet, 2000
Contours for clarinet and piano, 1999 mp3 to be downloaded mov. 3 (Jonathan Cohler, Eric Sawyer
pas de deux for violin and cello, 1999
String Quartet #2, 1999 mp3 to be downloaded mov. 2 (Lighthouse Chamber Players) programnotes
Three Pieces for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, 1998
Quartet for piano and strings, 1997
Duo for violin and viola, 1997
Tracks for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, 1995
Sonata for violin and piano, 1994-95
Trio for clarinet, viola, and piano, 1994  video  (Buckley Chamber Players)
Concert Duo for cello and piano, 1993
Columbine for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello and percussion, 1992
String Quartet #1, 1992
Three for Trio for violin, cello, and piano; 1990 programnotes

for clarinet, trombone, piano, marimba and strings, 1990
Barcarolle for violin and piano, 1990
Flash for violin and piano, 1988
Suite for flute and clarinet, 1988
Visitation for English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin; 1987
Sextet for flute, oboe, clarinet, and string trio, 1987
Quartet for three flutes and oboe, 1984