Vocal and Choral

Vocal and Choral Download Notes
Animal Songs, voice and piano, 2019
Scenes from boyhood, treble voices, 2019
A Winter’s Ramble, voice and piano, 2019
The Tyger, baritone and piano, 2019
Thirteen Popular Songs, 2017
Because I could not stop for Death (Emily Dickinson) for SATB chorus, 2015
Transcendental Choruses, SATB chorus and piano trio, 2014
Concord Hymn for SSAATB chorus, 2014
Anterooms: Six Richard Wilbur Poems for SATB chorus and violin, 2012
Jehovah’s Watch, Six Emily Dickinson Poems for soprano and piano, 2011
Curiousity, ballet for female vocal trio, 2009
The Mountain Echo for soprano, piano, and string sextet, 2008
Donne Secours (Psalm 12) for SATB chorus, 2008
A Bird Came Down The Walk (Dickinson) for children’s chorus, 2008
Where Lies The Land (Wordsworth) for SATB chorus, 2008
Itasca (John Shoptaw) a poem for 4 voices and live electronics, 2006  programnotes
Vocalise for soprano and electronic playback, 2004 mp3 to be downloaded Junko Watanabe, soprano
Sacred Places for SATB chorus, 2004
Three Levertov Songs (Denise Levertov) for low voice, viola, and piano, 2004
The Humble Heart: (contata on Shaker texts) for SATB chorus, children’s voices, piano, 2003
Curiosity (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) for women’s voices, 2003
Three Dickinson Choruses, 2002 mp3 to be downloaded Chorus 2 (Jennifer Lester, conductor)
Three Choruses from Ecclesiastes, 2002
Under the Sudden Blue (Sylvia Townsend Warner) for contralto and seven instruments, 2001
The Flower of the Air (Gabriela Mistral) for mezzo soprano and five instruments, 1997 voca
Five Civil War Choruses (John Shoptaw) for unaccompanied chorus, 1997
Four Songs (Paul Bowles) for baritone and piano, 1995
Reconciliation (Whitman) for unaccompanied chorus, 1993
On the Bushy Plain (Wallace Stevens) for mezzo-soprano and piano, 1991
Water Lilies (John Shoptaw) for voice and electronic tape, 1990